Principles of Goal Setting

“In essence if we want to master our lives we must control our daily thoughts and actions. It’s not what we do once in a while that determines our success in life but the small, incremental consistent actions we perform daily over time that shape our lives and determine our future.”

Have you ever wondered where your opportunity lies in Life?

How do you start the process of Strategic Thought?

This story may inspire you, Enjoy!

The Acres of Diamonds: by Russel Conwell.

An old African farmer became very excited one day upon hearing of Men who had gone off into Africa and discovered Diamond Mines and become fabulously wealthy.

He decided to sell off his farm, organise a caravan and head into the vastness of Africa to find diamonds and crown his Life with fabulous wealth.

For many years he searched the vast African continent for diamonds, he eventually ran out of money and finally, alone and in a fit of despair he threw himself into the ocean and drowned.

Meanwhile back on the farm that he had sold, the new farmer was out watering a donkey one day in a stream that cut across the farm, he found a strange stone that threw off light in a remarkable way and he took it into the house and thought no more of it.

Some months later a merchant traveling on business stopped for the night at the farm, when he saw the stone he grew very excited and asked if the old farmer had finally returned. No the old farmer had never been seen again, but why was he so excited? The merchant picked up the stone and said this is a diamond of great price and value.

The new farmer was sceptical but, the merchant insisted that he show him where he had found the diamond. They went out onto the farm where the farmer had been watering the donkey and as they looked around they found another, and another, and another, it turned out that the whole farm was covered with acres of diamonds.

The old farmer had gone off into Africa seeking for diamonds without ever looking under his own feet.

Do your acres of Diamonds lie under your own feet?

They may be disguised as hard work! It’s been said that “opportunities come dressed in work clothes”

Your acres of diamonds may lie in your own talents your hobbies, your background, education, your experience, your industry, your contacts your acres of Diamonds may lie at your own feet if you decide to go and work on them.

We have all been Created with amazing talents and gifts, Discover Yours!


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