Do you want to be good… or do you want to be Great?

In his Book “Good to Great” Jim Collins States emphatically,

“Good is the Enemy of Great”

That is one of the key reasons so little become great in our world, because we settle for what is easy and simply being “Good”.

Over a five year period Jim carried out in depth research analysing the histories of twenty eight “great” companies that made the leap from “good” to ultimately “great” endeavouring to discover what separated them from the many others in becoming world leaders in their respective fields.

One of his many findings was this: All these great companies had leaders at their helms guiding them through calm and turbulent times who displayed qualities that, may not be viewed as outstanding when judged by public opinion but, rather these Leaders practiced qualities that many of us possess but don’t practice.

If we look at their common traits, these leaders were all cut from the same cloth and their attributes were a study in duality:

They were humble yet fearless, modest yet wilful. Being fanatically driven to produce outstanding results, they never accepted mediocrity, they set higher standards for themselves personally and their companies and always accepted responsibility for poor results. They resolved to do what had to be done no matter how difficult and attributed their ultimate success to others in their tenure and “good luck”.

We can learn so much from these leaders… If we challenge ourselves to apply these proven leadership traits to our own personal and professional lives imagine the amazing results and greatness we can accomplish!

In the words of Jim Rohn –

“If you will Change, everything will Change for you”


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