Are you burying or hiding from your dreams and passions?

I recently had a lady approach me at the end of a presentation I gave on “Utilizing the powerful force of goals”. She said she had been in the same profession for fifteen years and couldn’t think of any dreams or goals that excited her… Her life had become in her words a “comfortable and predictable existence”. It immediately raised a question in my mind “how many other people have had their dreams, goals and childhood passions buried along the path of life’s journey as they take on one more responsibility after another and lead a life of existence rather than one of fulfilment by their own design?”

We all have a mission in life that is powerfully unique; each of us has been given talents, gifts and skills that when aligned with our true purpose and passion, it ignites a fire within us and enables us to live life as an exciting adventure – we unconsciously transmit this joy and fulfilment to everyone in our circle of influence, its infectious!

The challenge I bring to you today is to rediscover your Dreams and Passions…

What do you love to do that you haven’t pursued?  Perhaps you loved drawing or painting when you were young and when you see a beautiful sunset or landscape you wish you could capture and paint it, or it may have been a moment spent with your parents or older relatives that you recognize the wisdom and compassion they possess, but you realize you don’t visit them enough. Maybe every time you see a news item about suffering or starving people in our world it brings sadness knowing you haven’t got around to helping them or others. Maybe you love reading and haven’t picked up a book in a long time…

Whatever you discover that juices you, ignites a flame within, make the decision today to pursue it and dedicate a little time to doing what you love you never know where it may lead!

As Wendell Homes once said “Many People die with the music still in them. Too often it’s because they are always getting ready to live, before they know it …time runs out”

Don’t allow procrastination or fear hold you back from finding true joy and fulfilment along life’s path, use your unique skills and gifts to do what you have dreamed of doing – rediscover your passions and forge a new path. The happiness this will give you will be its own reward.


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