The importance of ‘Matching’

You’ve heard the saying ‘like attracts like.’ Nowadays the concept is often used within spiritual communities with ‘law of attraction’ terminology.

No matter what you call it, the idea is a truism when it comes to energy and information in nature and biology, this concept is crucial to understanding our personal reality and also our physical health.

Understanding that you may be the ‘director’ of which energy and information fields you attract and hence that affect your body and mind is a sobering thought. It means you have to take full responsibility for your choices and for the condition of your life – but this understanding can also be empowering, liberating and transformative.

I won’t go into the science of ‘matching’ instead; I want to keep this simple.

In layman’s terms, matching means that in the vast, complex, cosmic field of information-energy, similar vibrations of information attract or resonate with each other. It’s not that energies and information that are dissimilar to each other don’t interact; they do, they just provide us with less-than-ideal “answers” which we can think of as ‘distorted’ since they can’t be used fully or well. Using the physical body as an example, if we overload our bodies with distorted information, or take in distorted information over long periods of time, eventually our bodies react, often with the symptoms of illness –illness after all is the body’s way of telling us, “I don’t have the information I need to function at optimum efficiency.” The reason we need the information determines which answer is the best answer.

Similarly, if you have a vitamin deficiency you could address the issue by improving your overall nutrition, perhaps by eating a wider variety of fruits and vegetables. The new information—intake of more vitamins will match what your body needs and so your body will recognize those vitamins and use them to operate at a higher level. The match is very broad. But if you have a specific deficiency say of potassium, you would increase your intake of potassium-rich foods. The match the body is seeking is much more specific. This is how context matters.

Sometimes the body sends a specific signal, as in a food craving when it needs particular vitamins and minerals. It sends out an information signal (the craving) asking you to match it with the desired incoming signal (the specific food or nutrient). There are many ways matching happens, but this example gives you a general idea of how ‘like attracts like’ in terms of information-energy fields.

So you see, whether we’re talking about the physical body or your spiritual journey the principle is the same – there are always indicators, signals or clues coming into our awareness about how we can operate at higher levels. We’re naturally wired this way, the greater our personal awareness, the sooner we catch those physical or spiritual indicators that something is amiss so we can course-correct while the issue is minor. Furthermore, with this greater awareness the natural laws of the universe respond, bringing in even better information matches and attractions.


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