Inspire your employees with engagement

The office should be a place of inspiration and involvement. Do you have a guy in the back corner whose desk no one bothers to stop by for a daily hello or company update? That’s bad news because if you don’t care, neither will he. Get him out of the corner and into the centre of the business and its core purpose. A valued employee and the effects of his confidence will trickle down to valued (aka satisfied) customers – that encouragement, that engagement, will put you ahead in the competitive game.

Engaging the Hearts and Minds of All Your Employees: How to Ignite Passionate Performance for Better Business Results (McGraw-Hill 2009) by Dr Lee J. Colan, explores the basic needs of employees – how their hearts and minds are interdependent and how meeting those needs will result in paramount performance. For example, to engage the hearts of your employees you’ll need to fulfil all three of the emotional needs. The same is also true to engage their minds you’ll need to fulfil all of their intellectual needs.

Dr Colan says, “Engaged minds build employee performance, and engaged hearts ignite employees’ passion.”

According to Dr Colan, there are 6 basic needs of employees: Emotional: Purpose, Intimacy and Appreciation. Intellectual: Achievement, Autonomy and Mastery.

Knowing what employees need to implement their natural skills and achieve the best outcomes in their work, you can transform the work environment from work to an inspiration station (corny, but true). It’s simple: Engagement will inspire and inspiration produces passion, innovation and success.

Now, go get that guy out of the corner.


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