Motivation to Motive Action – John Douglas

One of my mentors Denis Waitley gave me his take on “Motivation to Motive Action” this week and I would like to share it with you.

In the past, change in business and social life was incremental and a set of personal strategies for achieving excellence was not required. Today, in our knowledge-based world, where change is the rule, a set of personal strategies is essential for success, even survival. Never again will you be able to go to your place of business on autopilot, comfortable and secure that the organisation, state or government will provide for and look after you. You must look in the mirror when you ask who is responsible for your success or failure. You must become a lifelong learner and leader, for to be a follower is to fall hopelessly behind the pace of progress.

As you look in the mirror to see the 21st Century you, there will also be another image standing beside you. It is your competition. Hungry for food.  Hungry for a home, for a new car, for security, for a college education. Hungry for knowledge.  Smart,  quick thinking, skilled and willing to do anything necessary to be competitive in the world marketplace. Working long hours and saturdays,  staying open later, serving customers better and more cheerfully. To be a player in the 21st Century you have to be willing to give more in service than you receive in payment.

These are the new rules in the game of life- dedicated learning and leading. These are the actions you must take to be a leader and a winner in your personal and professional life. By mastering these profoundly simple action steps, you will be positioned to be a change master in the new century.

I help people get real results by taking action one step at a time in their personal and professional lives, doing today what others don’t, so tomorrow they can accomplish what others can’t. If you know anyone who wants more from their business and life and is committed to becoming outstanding in their field please refer me. We are created to develop our unlimited potential so now is the time to take action and make the shift… be a Leader!


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