The Key to Success – John Douglas

On the surface, it looks like successful people are successful because they do things differently… But if you look beyond that you can see that successful people are in fact successful because they think differently…

You see your thoughts control your feelings, your feelings then control your actions and your actions control your results. So your attitude and the way you think are the route of whatever results you’re getting in your life and business at the moment. So how do the successful Leaders think differently from everybody else?


One thing I’ve noticed about people who are struggling, is that they have a wealth of excuses as to why they’re in the situation they are in. These excuses can come in many forms, but whichever way you look at it, they are still just excuses,Whether it’s the state of the economy,Personal circumstances,Lack of funds,Lack of knowledge.The list goes on….

Now I’m not saying that those things are easy to overcome, nothing worthwhile is easy, but they are just part of running a life and a business and you have to accept that. It’s your attitude towards them that makes the difference. Successful leaders (And we all lead someone) have a different way of viewing things. They face the same challenges and obstacles as everybody else. Sometimes even bigger obstacles, but they think differently and instead of accepting things the way they are and using these obstacles as excuses for why they are NOT happy or abundant  they do something about them

You see, T he harsh reality is you can decide to take action, find what works and pursue it, model other successful leaders . Or you can make excuses- you can’t do both!
And it really is that simple…

No one is saying that having a successful and fulfilling life or business is easy, If it were everyone would be doing it but you need a certain attitude if you want to be successful, and part of that attitude means letting go of your excuses, standing up and taking responsibility!

I help People get real results by taking action one step at a time in their personal and professional lives, doing today what others don’t, so tomorrow they can accomplish what others can’t. If you know anyone who wants more from their Personal and Professional life and is committed to becoming outstanding in their field please contact and or refer me .We are created to develop our unlimited potential so now is the time to take action and make the shift… be a Leader!

Author: John Douglas


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